Heavy Periods

by Dr. Maurice Leibman on September 22, 2010

For most  women , menstrual periods are a simple fact of life. But if you suffer from heavy periods, bad cramps and clots, your periods can be a serious disruption to daily living. You may need to change pads or tampons constantly, or wear dark clothing to avoid embarrassing accidents.

More than 1 in 5 women suffer from heavy periods. If you find your  are scheduling your life around your period each month, you’re not alone. The good news is that effective treatments are available and you have choices. You don’t have to live with heavy periods. There is a simple safe, and effective solution that takes about 90 seconds …  and  just knowing this, may inspire you to start the conversation with Dr Leibman.

Consider the following.

  • Do your periods last a long  time ?
  • Is  your bleeding so heavy you need to change your pad or tampon every 1 to 2 hours ?
  • Do you often wear a tampon AND a pad for more  protection ? Do you pass many  clots ?
  • Are you tired all the time ?
  • Does you bleeding affect your work, social,l athletic or sexual  activities ?
  • Would your life improve if you had less bleeding or no bleeding each  month ?

If you would like to discuss  the Novasure treatment for  your periods , call Dr Leibman  at 713 275 2990 for a free consultation.

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