OVA 1 The New Ovarian Cancer Test – Ova1

by Dr. Maurice Leibman on September 11, 2010

Ovarian cancer is the most lethal of all gynecological cancers, accounting for 14,600 deaths in 2009. In Sept. 2009, the FDA approved a blood test called Ova1 as an adjunct for women planning surgery for a mass on the ovary. This test measures 5 different proteins in the sample and has a high sensitivity. Most important, if the test is negative , it is highly unlikely the mass is malignant. It improves the doctors PRESURGICAL assessment if surgery is planned. Most important about this test is that it should NEVER be used as a screening test for women without a mass on the ovary. There are two other tests that also used in a similar setting, that is a vaginal ultrasound together with a CA 125 blood test. What test to use and when to use testing can be difficult decisions, and must be used together with recognizing the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Consultation with your gynecologist is essential if there is any concern.

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