Painful vulva

by Dr. Maurice Leibman on September 10, 2010

One of the most frustrating conditions for a patient to tolerate is an uncomfortable, burning, painful feeling on the external genitalia, called VESTIBULAR ADENITIS. Not many physicians get this diagnosis right initially and the patient often gets treated with multiple courses of yeast medications or whatever, and it never goes away. Is this what you have ? It is characterized by extreme tenderness at the introitus and is often so bad it prevents almost all sexual contact. If you feel this is you, be sure to get checked by someone who is familiar with this condition, THERE IS help that makes a difference.

Lichen Sclerosis

Another skin condition of the vulva that eludes diagnosis in the early stages when it is not obvious, is Lichen Sclerosis . It causes intense itching and burning and does not respond to the usual creams and ointments. Once it becomes obvious, the skin appears thin, transparent and like cigarette paper. There is excellent treatment for this once the diagnosis is confirmed, but the diagnosis can be tricky

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