Heavy Periods and Bad Cramps

by Dr. Maurice Leibman on December 4, 2010

Heavy Periods and Bad Cramps!

If you suffer from miserable periods and have completed your family…read on…

Up to 90% of women suffering from heavy periods have bad menstrual cramps and over 50% report that it interferes with their quality of life and daily activities. from research, we believe that a condition called endometriosis plays a role (glands that produce the menstrual fluid are found in the muscle layers of the uterus and not confined to the lining of the uterus.) Also, a hormone called prostaglandin increases in the uterus and peaks during menstruation and causes the pain.

It makes sense that if we can remove the glands that line the inside of the uterus, we can reduce the menstrual flow and the pain. This is exactly what happens when we perform an endometrial ablation with the Novasure or Thermachoice. The radio frequency cauterization with the Novasure and the heat coagulation with the Thermachoice do exactly that!

The blood flow to the inside of the uterus is reduced and the endometrium (glandular cells that line the inside of the uterus) becomes non productive or non functional – thus little or no period and greatly reduced cramping. Even if you have fibroids, these procedures are effective. We have patients that will testify to that! No longer do you have to have a hysterectomy to stop those miserable periods – an office procedure lasting a couple of minutes may be all you need.

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