Paitent Loses 12.5 inches (cumulative) with Zerona – In Dr. Leibman’s Office

by Dr. Maurice Leibman on June 19, 2011

Houston Gynecologist, Dr Leibman states, “We have completed our first 100 patients on Zerona and are pleased to tell you that it is going very well. Our record inch loss is a cumulative 12.5 inches in several women!  We also have one woman who lost 8 lbs in addition to some inches.  Most pleasing, is that we have women returning for additional “maintenance ” treatments they are so pleased with the original results.  You may see Zerona offered at a great discount from various places, but let me remind you, you always get what you paid for.  Summer is upon us and now is the time to get rid of the excess inches you are carrying around!”

As you may know, Zerona was featured on Dr Oz recently and he gave it a good endorsement.  Call Deana 713-275-2990 at Dr. Leibman’s office for a free consultation about Zerona.

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kim armstrong November 25, 2011 at %I:%M %p

I am paraplegic, Just wondering if it would be safe for me to I need to loose some inches.

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