18 facts about HPV every woman should know

by Dr. Maurice Leibman on February 25, 2013

HPV Fact Sheet

  1. 40% of women ages 20-25 will have HPV
  2. 80% of women will be HPV positive by age 50
  3. About 50% of HPV infections persist past a few years.
  4. HPV-Negative ASC-US pap smear equals a normal pap smear.
  5. CIN I regresses in 70% in adults and 90% in adolescents.
  6. CIN II in adults regresses 70-80% of the time. Can observe for two years.
  7. HPV does not cause symptoms on the cervix. It can show up as warts on the vulva eventually.
  8. Half of the HPV infections are cleared by your immune system in 6 months and more than 90% by 2-3 years.
  9.  New infections at older ages are just as likely to clear as in young women.
  10. New infections acquired at older ages contribute little to cervical cancer.
  11. CIN 3 is most common between 25-35 years of age
  12. CIN 3 and cervical cancer found at older ages typically relate to HPV infections acquired decades earlier.
  13. 30% of women with CIN 3 (median age 38) eventually progress to cancer. This may take 10 years.
  14. CIN 3 lesions typically grow slowly before becoming invasive cancer. We have no way of knowing which CIN 3 lesions will become invasive.
  15. Smoking, long term estrogen containing birth control pills and having more than one child increase the risk of CIN 3. HIV weakens the immune system and therefore elevates the risk of CIN 3.
  16. For women who unexpectedly screen HPV-Positive, it can be due to a recent transmission from a new partner or may represent reactivation from latency (due to partial failure of immune system)., ie from long ago.
  17. Condom use is only partly protective because the entire anogenital area can be infected with HPV- areas not covered by condoms.
  18. HPV is very common in men. More than 50% of American men will get HPV at some point in their lives. There is no FDA approved test for HPV in men. Men will have no symptoms usually; but warts may develop with time.

Website: www.thehpvtest.com

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