New Study finds smokers have more hot flashes

by admin on April 11, 2013

woman-smokerIf your a smoker going through menopause and find you are having a lot of hot flashes, this could be one reason why. A recent study showed that smoker had more hot flashes than non-smokers.  Plus, women who had one or more of certain gene variations linked to the metabolism of estrogen risked having 21 times more hot flashes!

Here are a few points from the study:

  • The study included close to 300 women followed for just over a decade.
  • About half the participants were African-American and half were white.
  • The women were still menstruating when they entered the study, and they either entered menopause or completed it over 11 years of observation.
  • African-American smokers were 84% more likely to experience hot flashes at one point than African-American nonsmokers.
  • White smokers were 56% more likely to have hot flashes than white nonsmokers.

If you’re a smoker or know a smoker going through menopause, you may want to read more on the study.

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