Memory decline during menopause is normal

by admin on April 27, 2015

memory-menopauseDid you know that a woman’s ability to remember verbal information is greater than that of a man’s?

In clinical tests, women generally get higher scores than men when it comes to quickly learning and remembering stories, lists of words and other verbal materials. Researchers say the reason for this is the result of organizational and activational effects of estradiol on brain systems underlying memory. What’s interesting is that women experience declines in verbal memory after removing their ovaries and when estradiol and progesterone are suppressed with leuprolide acetate.

But if you still have your ovaries and have noticed a decline in your memory, don’t worry. It’s natural. All people (men and women) experience memory decline as the brain ages.

As women transition through menopause, their verbal memory skills take a second hit owing to changes in their reproductive hormones. One study that followed 403 women for 14 years as they went through menopause and noted the decline. The good news is that the decline in memory might only be temporary.

More good news is that this memory decline is not a sign of early dementia.

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