Do you need a second opinion?

by admin on October 26, 2015

second opinionDo you need a second opinion?  If you do, then you are not alone. Studies show that as much as 20 percent of patients seek second medical opinions — and for good reasons.

Recent research has found that second opinions often result in different diagnoses or treatments.  Asking for a second opinion when it comes to medical treatments can be especially helpful if you have some hesitation about a surgical recommendation, when you think that all the options have not been fully discussed or when cultural differences lead to less understanding.

Patients are often fearful that their physician will be offended, but don’t worry.  That is not the case according to Beth Moore of the Patient Advocate Foundation. Plus, according to Mark Urman, M.D. of Second Opinions Expert, Inc., 75 percent of the time his opinion will be similar to the previous doctor.

A second opinion may be especially reassuring if you are considering elective surgery whether it be hysterectomy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy or a simple D&C.  It is important to know what all the options are to treat your condition. Medicine is always changing and the risks and benefits of certain types of surgery often need explanation and consideration even in the best hands.

Dr. Leibman provides this service, and although insurance may not always pay for it, it is well worth the cost for your own peace of mind.

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