Happy New Year!

by Dr. Maurice Leibman on February 4, 2016


The New Year has brought many changes to the healthcare industry, but most important your own medical insurance has likely changed. We are encountering frustrated and upset patients who are not quite aware of what changes have occurred to their own policies and in some instances find they are out of network and no longer “allowed” to see us. We have also found that we are not contracted with many plans offered through the healthcare exchange.

In order for our office to work efficiently and offer you the best care possible, please remember to bring your new and/or current insurance card to your next doctor’s appointment. If you are scheduling an appointment please inform the scheduler of your new insurance information during your phone call.

Please call our office with any questions regarding your healthcare coverage; we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Deductibles start anew, PPO’s have all but disappeared and medication coverage is a nightmare!

That said- with some diligence and hard work, it is all still doable! We want to see you and provide the best service as in the past.

What you can do for us is to check your coverage before you make an appointment or come in especially your deductibles. Also if you know your specific drug formulary-it will help us prescribe the least expensive drugs for you.

MAMMOGRAMS– Call our office before you schedule your next Mammogram.

UNICITY BALANCE– Individuals wanting to aggressively reduce their size, cholesterol, triglyceride levels or glucose have found positive results with Unicity (learn more about Unicity). NOW BEING OFFERED  IN OUR OFFICE.

CONCIERGE MEDICINE– Our exclusive concierge program is designed to address all of your women’s wellness needs-from gynecological care to general health and wellness-in an environment that is welcoming, personal and progressive. Compassion and service is at the heart of what we do. There is no substitute for a doctor who truly knows you and can offer the comprehensive care you deserve. Call our office for details or Concierge Choice Physicians at 877-888-5565 or by email: members@choicemd.

BOTOX and FILLERS– We continue to get stunning results!

Crista Trevino is our new receptionist. She has fitted in well and is doing great! Please say hello when you see her!

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