Premenopause and Perimenopause: What’s the difference?

by Tamara Hanson on October 9, 2017

While sometimes used interchangeably with perimenopause, premenopause can actually indicate the time between a woman’s first period and her last period. Technically, a woman is in premenopause most of her life before menopause starts.

Symptoms of premenopause are essentially that of premenstrual syndrome and can include (but not limited to):

-Tender breasts
-Mood swings

Perimenopause means the time just before or around the time when menopause happens. This is when the hormone, estrogen, begins to decrease. Eventually, usually within a 3 to 10 year time frame, a woman will stop releasing eggs and periods will eventually stop altogether. When they stop for 12 months consecutively, a woman is in menopause.

Symptoms of Perimenopause include (but not limited to):

-Irregular periods
-Hot flashes
-Night sweats
-Hair loss
-Vaginal dryness
-Weight gain

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