INTONE: Non-surgical solution to stop bladder leakage

If you have a leaking bladder and have tried medication and Kegel exercises with no relief of your symptoms, InTone may the right pelvic rehabilitation solution for you.

InTone is a non-surgical medical device that treats bladder leakage.  InTone combines proven technologies to treat stress, urge and mixed incontinence, and is designed to be used in the comfort and privacy of your home.

InTone combines the most effective, non-invasive treatments for bladder leakage into a home-use device.

InTone combines voice-guided pelvic floor exercises, visual biofeedback so you know you are working the right muscles, and muscle stimulation to strengthen your pelvic floor and stop spasms of the bladder muscle.  When your pelvic floor is strong, then you won’t leak when coughing, sneezing, laughing or running.  Calming the spasms of the bladder muscle allows you to reduce the number of times you go to the bathroom and bladder leakage associated with urgency.

InTone can help with pelvic rehabilitation if you:

  • Have symptoms of urinary frequency or urgency
  • Often have to rush to the restroom
  • Have incontinence or an over-active bladder
  • Experience leakage when coughing, laughing or exercising

No Pills, No Side-Effects and No Surgery

InTone works by simulating your bladder muscles and it’s customized for you based on what your body needs by your Houston gynecologist.  Once the muscle stimulation is customized to ensure proper muscle activation, you’ll be able to activate it using your voice to go through the quick 12 minute bladder rehabilitation sessions.

InTone is easy to use as it guides you through the entire session. The session only takes 12 minutes, but during that time you will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by contracting the hand-held control unit.  The visual biofeedback will help encourage you and show your progress.  Each session will also be stored in the device so that Dr. Leibman can review how you’re doing. You’ll do the 12 minute sessions 6 days a week for 14 to 26 weeks depending on your diagnosis. Once your pelvic floor has been strengthened, then you’ll only need to do the sessions 1 or 2 times a week to keep it strong.

InTone Performance Guarantee

When you first start using InTone for pelvic rehabilitation, it’s recommend that you follow up with your Houston gynecologist 2 weeks after the initial session.  This way Dr. Leibman can evaluate how your body is responding, access your progress and adjust the stimulation level if needed.  After that, office visits may be monthly or as recommended by Dr. Leibman.

You have nothing to lose in giving InTone a try. InControl Medical, the company that created the device, is convinced InTone will signifcantly improve bladder leakage for whose who have follwed the recommended protocol with medical supervision and will refund the cost of the device if your condition does not improve. InControl Medical is the only company in this field with the confidence to guarantee its product.

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