Frequently Asked Questions about the MiniArc Procedure

How long does the procedure last?
The MiniArc urethral sling procedure takes about an hour to perform. Most women are able to return home within a few hours after the procedure is complete.  You should be able to resume normal, non-strenuous activity within a few days.

Will my activities be restricted after the procedure?

For approximately four to six weeks after the procedure, you should avoid sexual intercourse, heavy lifting and exercise. Your Houston gynecologist, Dr. Maurice Leibman, will provide you with additional information on how to care for yourself after surgery.

Is the surgery safe for everyone?
The surgery is safe for most women, but because it requires out-patient surgery, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or have blood coagulation disorders. Women who have a compromised immune system, renal insufficiency or upper urinary tract obstruction also should not undergo the MiniArc surgery.

Does the procedure hurt?
Patients generally feel little or no pain during the MiniArc procedure.  During the procedure, you will be under local, regional or general anesthesia depending on what you and your doctor decide.

After the procedure, the area around the surgery may become inflamed and irritation may occur.

How long does the procedure last?
The procedure is permanent and is 94% effective in treating urinary incontinence. However, future pregnancies may cause you to become incontinent again.

How quickly will I see results?
Most women see results immediately following the procedure.

What risks are involved?
As with any surgical procedure, inherent risks are involved. Some common risks include urinary tract infections, symptoms of urgency and difficulty with urination. Infection, allergic reactions, hematoma and mesh extrusion (presence of suture or mesh material within the vagina) may also occur. Dr. Leibman will advise you of the complete list of risks.