Meet Jenny!

Jenny Neziroski, NP-C, has joined the practice as a newly graduated Nurse Practitioner to assist Dr. Leibman and to provide services to those younger women who would rather see a female provider.Dr. Leibman will always be available for consultation and help if requested by the patient and/or Nurse Practitioner.

We are reaching out to our younger population (approximately 15-20 year olds) to educate and provide essential treatments regarding HPV vaccinations, Birth Control, PMS, Weight Management, facial acne (polycystic ovarian syndrome), painful periods (endometriosis) and college preparedness.

Certified as a Nurse Practitioner, Jenny began her nursing training in her home state of Oklahoma at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Her nursing practice took place in Houston’s medical center for 5 years. Jenny received her nurse practitioner degree from Texas Woman’s University in Houston, Texas and completed her training at many hospital systems throughout the Houston area during which she developed a passion for gynecology.

Jenny provides highly personalized care to her patients, from adolescence to older adults. Among the many conditions she treats, her special interest is in preventive medicine. She sees herself as a coach, working with her patients to understand the issues and take part in the decision-making process about their health.

Away from the office, Jenny enjoys spending time with her family, nature walks with her dog, and staying active with hot yoga. If you come to see her, make sure to show her a picture of your pets as she has a tender heart for animals.