Essure: Three Steps to Hormone-Free Birth Control

Essure is a gentle, hormone-free birth control procedure. Instead of going to the hospital, the generally painless procedure takes on average 13 minutes to complete and can be cone in the comfort of Dr. Maurice Leibman’s gynecology office in Houston. While it does three months to render the procedure completely effective, studies show that it does prevent contraception 99.8 percent of the time.

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Step 1: After completing an evaluation and deciding whether Essure is right for you, Dr. Leibman will insert soft, flexible micro-inserts into your fallopian tubes. Women who are sensitive to nickel will not be able to undergo the procedure.

The procedure does not require anesthesia. However, anesthesia is available in the office if you believe it would make you feel more comfortable.

No incision is needed because the inserts are delivered through the vagina and cervix. It’s also not painful, although you may experience some cramping or discomfort. In fact, most women are able to return to normal activities in a day.

Step 2: Over the next several weeks, a natural barrier will form around the micro-inserts to prevent sperm from reaching the eggs. The ovaries will continue to release eggs, but they will be absorbed back into the body.

Step 3: After three months, Dr. Leibman will conduct an Essure Confirmation Test to verify that you are now protected from unplanned pregnancy. The test uses a dye and special X-ray to ensure the fallopian tubes are blocked.

NOTE: Until you have completed Step 3, you must continue using another form of birth control