Frequently asked questions about Essure

How effective is Essure in preventing pregnancy?
Essure is 99.8% effective.

Is the procedure painful?
Some women report mild discomfort or cramping, similar to a normal monthly cycle, during or after the procedure. A small number of women experience nausea in the hours following the procedure.

How long is the recovery?
Women are typically able to go home within 45 minutes of having the procedure and almost all return to normal activities within one to two days.

Is Essure reversible?
No, the Essure procedure is not reversible. Like a vasectomy or tubal ligation, Essure results in permanent sterilization.

Will I still have a period?
Yes, although some Essure users find that their period changes afterward. It may become slightly lighter or heavier. The changes are often temporary.

Is Essure covered by my insurance?
The Essure procedure is covered by most insurance providers. It is best to review your insurance coverage with Dr. Leibman and his friendly Houston staff before receiving the procedure.

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