Treat heavy periods without incisions, pain or hormones

NovaSure is an endometrial ablation procedure that can be conducted in the comfort of Dr. Leibman’s Houston clinic. The procedure is minimally invasive and provides an alternative to hysterectomy. It also avoids the potential side affects that could occur when taking hormones to treat heavy bleeding.

The NovaSure procedure takes about 90 seconds to complete and can be done without general anesthesia.  In fact, 97 percent of patients say they did not feel any pain.

The procedure also can be done anytime during your menstrual cycle.

Step 1: After slightly dilating your cervix and inserting a slender wand, Dr. Leibman will extend a triangular mesh device into your uterus.

Step 2: The mesh device will gently expand, conforming to the dimension of your uterine cavity.

Step 3: Then precisely measured radio frequency energy will be delivered through the mesh for approximately 90 seconds.

Step 4: Finally, the mesh device is retracted back into the wand and both are removed from your uterus.

Note: No part of the NovaSure device remains inside your body after the procedure.

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